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Sunday, 19 March 2006
Peacenik Pacifist Libtard Doves Worldwide Protesting 3 Year Anniversary of Iraq War
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Peacenik Pacifist Libtard Doves Worldwide Protesting 3 Year Anniversary of Iraq War

Anti-War, Pro-Mercedes?

The Drudge Report just purged it's frontpage of all the links of libtards all over the world, bitching about Iraq.

The occasion this weekend, was not the round number of 3000 U.S. soldiers killed - like earlier protests - but the 3 year anniversary of the Iraq invasion.

I surfed through all the links posted, and took away two interesting things that stuck out like a sore thumb in every mainstream media story.

First, was the fact that the attendance numbers have dwindled from protests past - threatening the demented-crat textbook talking point that "anti-Iraq war sentiment is forever growing."

Second, was the usual suspects of high profile pacifist doves from the media and Hollywood are now officially just as looney as the moonbat Moveon type bloggers in libtard land.

A case in point, that wasn't gleened from the internet this morning, was late last night when I realized I've been missing a "free preview weekend" of HBO and Cinemax that I'm not subscribed to on the Dish Network satellite service. I tuned in to the first viewing of Bill Maher's "Real Time" show I've seen in years. It hasn't changed since the "Politically Incorrect" Comedy Central days - 4 to 5 libtards ganging up on one token conservative.

But the St. Patrick's Day episode I witnessed was a sight to behold. To make the long story short, libtard "comedian" Richard Belzer (who I never thought was funny) was berating the lone, token conservative guest, Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.)

Apparently, the fact that the congresswoman has a family member in Iraq, and having been to Iraq herself lately... had no effect on libtard Belzer, who shouted her down, saying (to the effect) "You don't know fucking shit about what's going on in Iraq, and neither do the troops... I read over 20 newspapers a day."

So there you have it. An endless supply of libtarded bias stories about Iraq trumps visiting there, hearing first-hand accounts of soldiers you know, or even serving there as a soldier yourself! Those "intellectual, smarter than everyone else" liberals never cease to amaze.

It's not really worth mentioning, because it's no big deal to me. These libtards are still the irrelevant, ankle biting, bitter-ass losers they've been for the past three years. A little more unhinged, but a little less in number willing to appear at the bitch-fests.

But I figured anyone listening to the latest demented-crat bemoaning of the "civil war" in Iraq - which in reality, isn't happening... would get a kick out of the latest whine-a-thon that diminishes their misguided cause, instead of advancing it.

And by the way, when an idiot draws the peace sign upside-down, does it mean "war"?

Anyway, here's the barrage of links... ~ Associated Press - Paul Burkhardt ** Anti-War Protesters Rally Around World
Access North ~ AP - Nathaniel Hernandez ** Anti-War Rallies Mark Iraq Anniversary ~ Agence France-Presse ** 'Crash' director to lead Hollywood anti-Iraq war protest
Drudge Report Archive ~ 3/19/06 Early Morning Frontpage ** Protest Weekend
Anti-war protest fizzle in USA...
Salt Lake Tribune ~ Ellen Fagg / AP-NYT ** Anti-war protesters in SLC, elsewhere lament apathy ~ AP - Michelle Roberts ** Global War Protests Attract Smaller Crowds ~ FT - Christopher Swann ** Quiet disapproval in US marks war's anniversary
NewsBusters ~ Brent Baker ** Belzer Proclaims He Knows Better About Iraq than Uneducated Soldiers in Iraq

Posted by yaahoo_2006iest at 9:28 AM EST
Updated: Monday, 20 March 2006 4:48 AM EST
Thursday, 16 February 2006
The Libtarded ''Scandal Hunting'' Accident Heard 'Round the World
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The Libtarded "Scandal Hunting" Accident Heard 'Round the World

The libtarded White House press pack, the mainstream demented-crat media, and the nut-case-ical bloggers have had a field day over Cheney's hunting accident. And it seems to keep snowballing out of control, right from it's out-of-control starting point.

From the very beginning, when the news broke, and the White House press core had a collective hissy fit that they weren't handed the scoop on a silver platter, was the first of many amazing examples of a whacko media out of control.

Nobody in the public arena has yet to explain why the most vicious, confrontational media to any administration in a lifetime should be catered to, by the very targets of their ire.

The libtard media talking heads have been having quite the time asking the question "Why didn't he run to the media core at an instant like we demand he should?" And here's the obvious answer the "intellectual" libtard media never dared to ponder...

I for the life of me can't imagine Cheney saying to himself "I just shot my friend, the is the most terrible, embarrassing thing to happen... I can't wait to tell the very media that wants to destroy me!"

Now, Cheney has "broke his silence" on Fox News, and that's not enough for the mainstream (supposedly fair and objective) media. As headlined on The Drudge Report as I type... CNN SLAM AFTER CHENEY GOES TO FOX ...'A little bit like Bonnie interviewing Clyde' --- (Video)

But that was just the beginning, from there came the bullshit conspiracy theories (as if the demented-crats didn't look kooky enough.) From the "drunk off his ass" theory, to the "shot him on purpose to send a message to Scooter Libby" theory, and now to the latest, "Cheney's secret affair" theory... the moonbat blogs and talking head libtards won't let an ounce of evidence or fact get in the way of the next manufactured scandal they see this as.

Once again, these libtard "intellectuals" are asking another typical third grade mentality question for them, which is, "If Cheney was so caring and worried, why didn't he go to the hospital?" (This is where I adorn my elementary school teacher hat to answer): The Vice President of the United States doesn't make a circus atmosphere of his friend's injury! (Much to the dem's shagrin)

Fact #1 getting in the libtards way: Cheney was in touch via phone to the hospital getting a read on Harry Whittington's condition. (At the time the elite media demanded Cheney be reporting to them)

But that doesn't hold a candle to the libtard conspiracy theories. The demented-crat mentality (and talking point) is: "Bush-Cheney lied about x,y, and z... how can we believe them now?"

Fact #2 getting in the libtards way: You demented-crats shot your wad (as usual) theorizing Cheney was "drunk off his ass". One beer during lunch, hours before the incident - made you look stupid from the start, but you didn't stop there...

Fact #3, The US Secret Service are not just bodyguards, THEY'RE OFFICERS OF THE LAW! It was duely reported and there was no subterfuge.

Which leads to the most elementary, fundamental fact of all: THERE WAS NO COVER-UP ... IT WAS A SIMPLE HUNTING ACCIDENT! LOL, I have a funny feeling this won't be the end of me setting the libtards towards the path of sanity and reason, so check back for more to follow.

In the meantime, check out some of the libtarded, moonbat insanity on full display:
San Francisco Chronicle ~ LA Times - Matea Gold ** Critics slam Cheney's interview choice
Media ** Cafferty: Hume interviewing Cheney "like Bonnie interviewing Clyde"
NY Times ~ Maureen Dowd ** Shooter Slips on a Silencer
And the latest libtard conspiracy theory... "Whittington died"

Final Police Report on Shooting:
The Smoking ** Texas Cops Release Cheney Shooting Report

Posted by yaahoo_2006iest at 2:29 PM EST
Updated: Thursday, 16 February 2006 10:32 PM EST

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